Sunday, September 25, 2011

Play Like Tigers AU!!!!

Yesterday, I went to the Auburn vs. FAU game. I had a great time. I got to go to Tiger Walk! It was pretty cool to have all the players give me a High 5! The only person who I didn't get a High 5 from was Gene Chizik. There was a camera guy walking backwards filming Chizik and tripped over a wheelchair and fell on top of me right when Chizik passed me. No biggie though. 

The best part was when I got a feather in my hair. The people who did it were just sitting at a table at Toomers. A little weird but, COOL! 

I also got to see the cheerleaders and take pictures with them. They were really nice to me. 

Guess who THAT is! Morgan Jackson!!! (Bo Jackson's daughter). I met her at Tiger Walk in AU yesterday. 

That was some GOOD ice cream!!!!!

I had a great time at Auburn! 

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!


Adam (the husband) said...

I am so excited to read your blog! You are the most grown-up, or as Mom would say "growny," 10-year-old in history! Love you!

Paige said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Thanks for sharing about it on your blog. The pictures are terrific - especially the one of you and Morgan Jackson. Morgan's dad, Bo, played major league baseball here in Kansas City. I think he still holds the record for the longest homerun in Royals' Stadium.
Best wishes for your softball season.

Lindsay Wood Hose said...

I love your new blog!! And it looks like you had an amazing time at the game! Love you!

michelencindy said...

That is awesome!! Glad you had a great time! There is nothing else like college football.
Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

YAY, ME!!! I will love reading your posts!! You are such a smart, bright, funny girl and are growing up WAY TOO FAST!! Love you much, Mrs. C!!

Lindsay Wood Hose said...

I love the blog!! And it looks like you had an amazing time at the Auburn game! Miss you and love you!

grandaughtersmom said...

LOVE IT!!!! We had such a good time - can't wait to go back! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

3GirlsDaddy said...