Sunday, June 9, 2013

Middle School Dos and Don'ts

Hey bloggers!

I wanted to talk about middle school in this blog. I'm having a great time in my middle school but there are some parts that make you insane with frustration. So I thought, "I wonder how many upcoming middle schoolers would be better off if I gave them a few tips…" 

Follow these tips & you will have a great middle school year!!!!!


M A R Y  E M M A'S
M I D D L E  S C H O O L
D O s
D O N ' T s

1. DO…

• Make sure you study for every test, quiz, etc. 


• Wing it

2. DO…

• Keep your locker neat and organized. 


• Keep open food, loose paper, etc. in your locker. 

3. DO…

• Use your neatest handwriting. Teachers can't stand slobs. It drives them insane. 


• Fall behind. It will be a mess of homework if you don't complete an assignment on time. 

4. DO…

• Ask for help if you notice yourself falling behind. Go to a counselor, a teacher, or even the principal for advice on what you can do. They will help you do anything, (except your tests). 


• Get caught in drama. It'll take up all your time and it'll drive you crazy. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


As everyone may know, I love softball. I eat, drink, and sleep softball. Here's how my softball career started:

When I was 5, my family and I moved here. Then right as soon as softball season started, we jumped right in the fun faster than a cheetah on a sugar high. My very first softball team was called the Braves. I've grown up watching the Atlanta Braves Major League baseball team with my dad. I still do. So we named our team the Braves. As the years have gone by, I still play softball. I want to be an Olympic Softball Player for the USA team. That's my dream. Always has been, always will be. Now I'm on the V🌀RTEX! It's a year-round travel team and it ROCKS!!!!! I found out yesterday that we are going to the WORLD SERIES!!!!! My whole team and I on the beach, and playing the game that we love best. Softball is what I love to do. It's so much fun and I would NEVER give it up.